Custom memorial signs/ staked signs

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Yes we can ! We pride ourselves on our custom signs and customer satisfaction ! Email us at for a speedy quote or reference the pricing outline below 

Pricing outline for custom hanging signs Wilson Welding/ Welder’s Wife LLC; Adair ,Iowa 

The first thing to determine is the “ squared off “ dimensions, width and length of your sign.


To convert square inches to square feet ; multiply width x length and divide by 144


Steel costs


$50 per square foot for front layer

*Design , layout of proof and customer correspondence ”baked “ into this cost


Added steel backing layers for two or more colors on your sign is $40 per square foot


Powder coat cost

*At this time , we can only coat each piece of steel one color.


$ 7.50 per square foot for outdoor rated , on-hand coats ( epoxy primed with double layer pigment sometimes with clear coat depending on UV rating of chosen color)


$5.00 per square foot for indoor rated , on- hand coats ( epoxy primer with single coat )


$ 12.50 per square foot for exotic or rare use colors


  • remember if you have a two or more layered sign to add those square footages on to the face layer for accuracy.


Transport , prep and handling costs


$4 per square foot


This cost is for us transporting the piece(s) to and from our subcontracted powder coater , surface preparation and protective wrapping and careful handling of powder coated pieces.